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 collapse sectionPART ONE  THE POETS OF NEPAL
 expand sectionNepali Poetry
 expand sectionLekhnath Paudyal (1885-1966)
 expand sectionBalkrishna Sama (1903-1981)
 expand sectionLakshmiprasad Devkota (1909-1959)
 expand sectionSiddhicharan Shreshtha (b. 1912)
 expand sectionKedar Man "Vyathit" (b. 1914)
 expand sectionGopalprasad Rimal (1918-1973)
 expand sectionMohan Koirala (b. 19:26)
 expand sectionBairagi Kainla (b. 1939)
 expand sectionParijat (b. 1937)
 collapse sectionBhupi Sherchan (1936-1989)
 Always Always in My Dream (Sadhaim-Sadhaim Mero Sapnama)
 Midday and the Cold Sleep (Madhyahn Din Ra Chiso Nidra)
 I Think My Country's History is a Lie (Galat Lagcha Malai Mero Deshko Itihas)
 A Blind Man on a Revolving Chair (Ghumne Mechmathi Andho Manche)
 This is a Land of Uproar and Rumor (Yo Hallai-Hallako Desh Ho)
 New Year (Nayam Varsha)
 A Poem (Ek Kavita)
 A Dove of Two Delicate White Hands: Your Greeting (Dui Seta Kalila Hatkelako Pareva: Timro Namaste)
 Cold Ashtray (Chiso Aishtre)
 A Cruel Blow at Dawn (Prata: Ek Aghat)
 expand sectionBanira Giri (b. 1946)
 expand sectionNew Trends in Nepali Poetry

 expand sectionThe Short Story in Nepali
 expand sectionGuruprasad Mainali (1900-1971)
 expand sectionBishweshwar Prasad Koirala (1915-1982)
 expand sectionBhavani Bhikshu (1914-1981)
 expand sectionShivkumar Rai (b. 1916)
 expand sectionDaulat Bikram Bishtha (b. 1926)
 expand sectionBijay Malla (b. 1925)
 expand sectionRamesh Bikal (b. 1932)
 expand sectionShankar Lamichhane (1928-1975)
 expand sectionIndra Bahadur Rai (b. 1928)
 expand sectionPoshan Pande (b. 1932)
 expand sectionTarini Prasad Koirala (1922-1974)
 expand sectionPrema Shah
 expand sectionParashu Pradhan (b. 1943)
 expand sectionDhruba Chandra Gautam (b. 1944)
 expand sectionManu Brajaki (b. 1942)
 expand sectionKishor Pahadi (b. 1956)

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