A Mind Always in Motion


  Chapter One—  Chromosomes:  Family and Childhood (1905–1917):  Smell of Skunk
  Chapter Two—  Discovering the World: Rome and High School (1917–1922):  Scent of Florentine Wisteria
  Chapter Three—  The Education of a Physicist (1922–1928):  Scent of Roman Hay and Alpine Snow
  Chapter Four—  Scientific Springtime (1928–1936):  Smell of Amsterdam's Canals
  Chapter Five—  On My Own: Professor at Palermo (1936–1938):  Scent of Orange Blossoms
  Chapter Six—  In the New World: Refugee at Berkeley (1938–1943):  Smell of Cyclotron Oil
  Chapter Seven—  Los Alamos: The Fateful Mesa (1943–1946):  Smell of Piñones
  Chapter Eight—  Returns: Science and Struggle, Berkeley and Italy (1946–1950):  Smell of Hydrogen Sulfide, Acque Albule
  Chapter Nine—  Ripening Crops (1950–1954):  Smell of Ripe Wheat
  Chapter Ten—  Triumphs and Tragedies (1954–1982):  Odor of Laurel and Cypress

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  A Few Words from Rosa
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