Friends, Brothers, and Informants

  Note on Transliteration

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 collapse sectionPart One
 1. Physical and Cultural Shocks
 2. The City as Object
 3. The Library and Its Surroundings
 4. Unknown Gods and Life-Styles
 5. Further Pursuit of Informants: The Metalworkers

 collapse sectionPart Two
 6. A Shift in Technique
 7. Woodworkers
 8. Weavers
 9. Categories and Units of Observation
 10. Among the Police and Administration
 11. The Researcher at Home
 12. Death

 collapse sectionPart Three
 13. My Research Assistant
 14. Inside a Police Station
 15. Abdul Jabbar
 16. Questions of Gender
 17. Rapacity and Recovery
 18. Progress and Its Limitations
 19. The Pleasures of the Body
 20. Holi Saturnalia

 collapse sectionPart Four
 21. A Break from Banaras
 22. Ethnography in the Archives
 23. Patterns of Selectivity
 24. Departure


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