Painters and Politics in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1979


 expand sectionOne  Revolutionaries and Academics  Art of the Republican Period
 expand sectionTwo  The Reform of Chinese Art 1949-1952
 expand sectionThree  From Popularization to Specialization
 expand sectionFour  The Politicization of Guohua
 expand sectionFive  The Great Leap Forward and Its Aftermath  More, Faster Better Cheaper"
 expand sectionSix  The Cultural Revolution
 expand sectionSeven  The Transition to "Artistic Democracy" 1976-1979

 expand sectionAppendix I  National Arts Administrators, 1949
 expand sectionAppendix 2  National Art Administrators, 1960
 expand sectionAppendix 3  National Art Administrators, 1979
 expand sectionAppendix 4  Oil Painters in the Soviet Manner
 expand sectionNotes
  List of Chinese Names and Terms
 expand sectionSelected Bibliography
 expand sectionIllustrations
 expand sectionIndex

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