Volcanology and Geothermal Energy


 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionChapter 1—  Recent Practical Advances in Volcanology
 expand sectionChapter 2—  Pyroclastic Rocks as a Tool to Evaluate Geothermal Systems
 expand sectionChapter 3—  Surface Manifestations of Geothermal Systems
 expand sectionChapter 4—  Calderas and Their Geothermal Systems
 expand sectionChapter 5—  Silicic Domes:  Heat Flow around Small, Evolved Magma Bodies
 expand sectionChapter 6—  Geothermal Systems Associated with Basaltic Volcanoes
 expand sectionChapter 7—  Geothermal Systems in Maturing Composite Cones

 expand sectionAppendix A—  Field Methods in Volcanic Regions
 expand sectionAppendix B—  Volcanic Rock Classifications and Data
  Appendix C—  Notation
 expand sectionAppendix D—  Conversion Factors, Steam Properties, and Conversion of Geothermal Heat to Electricity
 expand sectionAppendix E—  Heat Flow (Two-Dimensional Diffusion Code)
 expand sectionAppendix F—  Core and Drill Cuttings:  Geothermal Well Logs
 expand sectionAppendix G—  Glossary
 expand sectionIndex

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