Public Faces, Private Voices


 collapse sectionChapter One  Introduction  Individuality in South India
 The Nature of Tamil Individuality
 Introducing Tamil Nadu and Madras City.

 collapse sectionPUBLIC FACES
 expand sectionChapter Two  The Nature of Civic Individuality
 expand sectionChapter Three  Institutions and Big-men of a Madras City Community  George Town Today
 expand sectionChapter Four  Making the Community  George Town in Social History
 Chapter Five  A Portrait of Change
 expand sectionChapter Six  The Decline of Community and the Roles of Big-men

 collapse sectionPRIVATE VOICES
 expand sectionChapter Seven  Themes of Individuality in Private and Public Lives  Personal Narratives
 expand sectionChapter Eight  Locating Individuality within the Collective Context
 Chapter Nine  Conclusions

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 expand sectionBIBLIOGRAPHY
 expand sectionINDEX

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