The Possessed and the Dispossessed

  Textual Notes

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 collapse sectionI. Historic, Political-Economic, and Social Levels of Experience
 expand section2. The Political Economy of the Sambirano
 expand section3. National and Local Factions: The Nature of Polyculturalism in Ambanja
 expand section4. Tera-Tany and Vahiny: Insiders and Outsiders

 collapse sectionII. Spirit Possession in the Sambirano
 collapse section5. The World of the Spirits
 expand sectionThe Dynamics of Tromba in Daily Life
 collapse sectionThe Possession Experience
 Angeline’s Tromba Ceremony
 expand sectionOther Members of the Spirit World
 expand section6. Sacred Knowledge and Local Power: Tromba and the Sambirano Economy
 expand section7. Spirit Mediumship and Social Identity

 collapse sectionIII. The Conflicts of Town Life
 expand section8. The Problems and Conflicts of Town Life: The Adult World
 expand section9. The Social World of Children
 expand section10. Exorcising the Spirits: The Alternative Therapeutics of Protestantism
 Conclusion: Toward a Reassessment of the Possessed and Dispossesed

 expand sectionA. Glossary of Malagasy Terms
  B. List of the Possessed

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