The Possessed and the Dispossessed

  Textual Notes

 expand section1. Introduction

 collapse sectionI. Historic, Political-Economic, and Social Levels of Experience
 collapse section2. The Political Economy of the Sambirano
 expand sectionAmbanja, A Plantation Community
 expand sectionAn Economic and Political History of the region
 expand sectionLocal Power and Reactions to Colonialism
 expand section3. National and Local Factions: The Nature of Polyculturalism in Ambanja
 expand section4. Tera-Tany and Vahiny: Insiders and Outsiders

 collapse sectionII. Spirit Possession in the Sambirano
 expand section5. The World of the Spirits
 expand section6. Sacred Knowledge and Local Power: Tromba and the Sambirano Economy
 expand section7. Spirit Mediumship and Social Identity

 collapse sectionIII. The Conflicts of Town Life
 expand section8. The Problems and Conflicts of Town Life: The Adult World
 expand section9. The Social World of Children
 expand section10. Exorcising the Spirits: The Alternative Therapeutics of Protestantism
 Conclusion: Toward a Reassessment of the Possessed and Dispossesed

 expand sectionA. Glossary of Malagasy Terms
  B. List of the Possessed

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