Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society

  Chronology of Chinese History

 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionOne  Marriages of the Ruling Elite in the Spring and Autumn Period
 expand sectionTwo  Imperial Marriage in the Native Chinese and Non-Han State, Han to Ming
 expand sectionThree  Shifts in Marriage Finance from the Sixth to the Thirteenth Century
 expand sectionFour  The Marriage of Sung Imperial Clanswomen
 expand sectionFive  Ch'ing Imperial Marriage and Problems of Rulership
 expand sectionSix  Grooming a Daughter for Marriage  Brides and Wives in the Mid-Ch'ing Period
 expand sectionSeven  Wives, Concubines, and Maids  Servitude and Kinship in the Hong Kong Region, 1900-1940
 expand sectionEight  Prostitution and the Market in Women in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai
 expand sectionNine  Marriage and Mobility under Rural Collectivism
 expand sectionTen  Women, Property, and Law in the People's Republic of China
 expand sectionAfterword  Marriage and Gender Inequality

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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