The Wrestler’s Body

  Note on Translation

 collapse section1. Search and Research
 Purpose: Why Wrestling?
 The Fieldwork
 Methods and Routine
 Research Techniques
 Popular Literature
 Historical Texts and the Problem of History
 The Wrestler’s Body: Identity, Ideology, and Meaning
 Body Discipline: The Mechanics of Reform
 expand section2. The Akhara: Where Earth Is Turned Into Gold
 expand section3. Gurus and Chelas: The Alchemy of Discipleship
 expand section4. The Patron and the Wrestler
 expand section5. The Discipline of the Wrestler’s Body
 expand section6. Nag Panchami: Snakes, Sex, and Semen
 expand section7. Wrestling Tournaments and the Body’s Recreation
 expand section8. Hanuman: Shakti, Bhakti, and Brahmacharya
 expand section9. The Sannyasi and the Wrestler
 expand section10. Utopian Somatics and Nationalist Discourse
  11. The Individual Re-Formed

  The Nature of Wrestling Nationalism

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