Culture of the Future

  Note on Dates and Transliteration

 collapse section1  Proletarian Culture and the Russian Revolution:  The Origins of the Proletkult Movement
 Left Bolshevism and Proletarian Culture
 Culture for the Proletariat: Adult Education
 Culture by the Proletariat: Workers' Institutions
 The Founding of the Proletkult
 collapse section2  Institution Building:  The Proletkult's Place in Early Soviet Culture
 Organizing Soviet Culture
 Autonomy and Identity: Proletkult, Narkompros, and the Communist Party
 Forging the National Agenda
 The Local Reception
 collapse section3  Proletkult Membership:  The Problem of Class in a Mass Organization
 Defining the Proletkult's Constituency
 The Worker Contingent
 White-Collar Workers and the "Laboring Intelligentsia"
 Peasants in the Proletkult
 collapse section4  Proletkult Leadership:  The New and the Old lntelligentsia
 The Ideals of Proletkult Leadership
 Leaders from the Lower Classes
 Leaders from the Old Intelligentsia
 Workers' Control?
 collapse section5  Iron Flowers:  Proletkult Creation in the Arts
 In the Studio and at the Front: The Locus of Proletkult Creation
 The Proletkult as Culture Bearer
 Worker-Centered Art
 Revolutionary Experiments
 Artistic Mastery and Professionalization
 collapse section6  Proletarian Utopias:  Science, Family, and Daily Life
 Proletarian Science
 The Proletarian Family
 Clubs—The Public Hearth
 collapse section7  The Proletkult in Crisis
 The End of Proletkult Autonomy
 Reorganization and Decline
 The Cultural Vanguard
 On the Ideological Front: The Proletarian Culture Debates
 collapse section8  The Proletkult as Postscript, 1923–1932
 The Proletkult's Social Program
 Artistic Practice
 The First Five-Year Plan: Expansion and Demise

 collapse sectionBibliography
 Archival Sources
 Proletkult Journals and Collections
 Contemporary Newspapers and Journals
 Published Proceedings and Document Collections
 Books, Articles, and Dissertations
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