Regionalism and Change in the Economy of Independent Delos

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  Note on Transliteration and Translation

 expand sectionChapter 1—  Introduction
 expand sectionChapter 2—  The Political Position of Independent Delos
 expand sectionChapter 3—  Delos and the Kyklades:  A Regional Economy
 collapse sectionChapter 4—  The Grain Supply of Delos and the Delian Grain Trade
 The Population of Delos
 Levels of Individual Grain Consumption
 Production at Home
 Production on Rheneia and Mykonos
 Production in the Rest of the Kyklades
 The Potential of Farther Neighbors
 expand sectionLong-Distance Imports
 The Third Century to ca. 240 B.C.
 After ca. 240 B.C.
 The Price of Grain and Long-Distance Trade
 expand sectionChapter 5—  The Prices of Olive Oil, Pigs, and Firewood
 expand sectionChapter 6—  The Rent Histories of Estates and Houses
 expand sectionChapter 7—  Toward a Delian Economic History

 expand sectionAppendix I—  Additional Notes
  Appendix II—  Some Remarks on Statistical Analysis
  Appendix III—  Prices of Firewood, Olive Oil, Pigs, and Grains (Barley and Wheat) on Delos, 314–169 B.C.
 expand sectionAppendix IV—  Rents of Estates and Houses on Delos, 314–169 B.C.
 expand sectionAncient and Premodern Weights and Measures, with Modern Equivalents
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