China's New Business Elite


 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionChapter 1  China's New Business Elite A Framework for Study
 expand sectionChapter 2  The Janus-Faced Role of the Business Elite in Chinese History
 expand sectionChapter 3  The Autonomy of China's New Business Elite
 expand sectionChapter 4  The Political Behavior of China's New Business Elite
 collapse sectionChapter 5  The Socialist Corporatism of Business Associations
 The Growth of Economic Associations in the Post-Mao Era
 China's Foreign-Sector Business Association (CAEFI)
 The Business Associations for Private Entrepreneurs: ACFIC and SELA
 expand sectionChapter 6  The Emergence of Hybrid State-Society Relations in Post-Mao China

  Appendix 1  Foreign Direct Investment in China, 1979-1995
  Appendix 2  The Research Sample
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