Classicism, Politics, and Kinship

  Explanatory Notes

 expand sectionOne  Schools of Scholarship and Corporate Lineages in the Yangtze Delta during the Late Empire
 expand sectionTwo  The Chuang and Liu Lineages in Ch'ang-chou
 expand sectionThree  Statecraft and the Origins of the Ch'ang-chou New Text School
 expand sectionFour  Recasting the Classical Tradition
 expand sectionFive  Chuang Ts'un-yü and Kung-yang Confucianism
 expand sectionSix  From Chuang Shu-tsu to Sung Hsiang-feng
 expand sectionSeven  Liu Feng-lu and New Text Confucianism
 expand sectionEight  Legalism and New Text Confucianism
 expand sectionNine  Politics, Language, and the New Text Legacy

  Appendix One  Ch'ang-chou Administrative History
  Appendix Two  The Four Branches of the Chuang Lineage in Ch'ang-chou, circa 1400-1830
  Appendix Three  The Three Branches of the Liu Lineage in Ch'ang-chou, circa 1450-1850
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