The Quantifying Spirit in the 18th Century


 expand sectionIntroductory Essay

 expand section1  The Mathematical Philosophy
 expand section2  The Broken Circle
 expand section3  Systematics and the Geometrical Spirit
 expand section4  Measure of Ideas, Rule of Language: Mathematics and Language in the 18th Century

 collapse sectionPART 2  MORE EXACT SCIENCES
 expand section5  Late Enlightenment Meteorology
 expand section6  Accuracy, Rhetoric, and Technology: The Paris-Greenwich Triangulation, 1784–88
 expand section7  The Measure of Enlightenment

 collapse sectionPART 3  WIDER APPLICATIONS
 expand section8  The Changing Role of Numbers in 18th-Century Chemistry
 expand section9  The Most Confused Knot in the Doctrine of Reproduction
 expand section10  Labs in the Woods: The Quantification of Technology During the Late Enlightenment
 expand section11  The Calculating Forester: Quantification, Cameral Science, and the Emergence of Scientific Forestry Management in Germany
 expand section12  Society in Numbers: The Debate over Quantification in 18th-Century Political Economy
 expand section13  The Laplacean View of Calculation

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