Comrades and Enemies

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 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand section1. Zionism and Palestine before the First world War
 expand section2. Labor Zionism and the Arab Working Class, 1920–1929
 expand section3. The Railway Workers of Palestine (I): The Struggle for Arab-Jewish Unity, 1919–1925
 expand section4. The Railway Workers of Palestine (II): Cooperation and Conflict, 1925–1939
 expand section5. Arab Workers and the Histadrut, 1929–1936
 expand section6. The Arab Revolt and Labor Zionism, 1936–1939
 expand section7. Workers, Labor Movements, and the Left During the Second World War
 collapse section8. Labor Activism and Politics, 1945–1948
 Perspectives on Cooperation
 The Petroleum Sector, 1943–48
 The April 1946 General Strike
 The British Military Bases, 1945–48
 The Disintegration of the Arab Workers' Movement
 The PLL: Paralysis and Pathos
 Hashomer Hatza‘ir and the End of the Binationalist Dream
 The Descent into Madness
 expand section9. Conclusion

 expand sectionBibliography

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