A Science of Impurity

  A Note on Notes
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 expand section1—  The Most Difficult Operation in Chemistry:  The Analysis of Mineral Waters
 expand section2—  Water Analysis and the Hegemony of Chemistry, 1800–40
 expand section3—  London's Water:  The Dress Rehearsal of 1828
 expand section4—  The 'Hard Water and Animalculae Sellers':  Analysis and Politics in London, 1849–52
 expand section5—  Nitrogen and Nihilism, 1852–68
 expand section6—  Edward Frankland:  The Analyst As Activist
 expand section7—  Frankland and the Chemists, 1866–85
 expand section8—  Water Analysis and the Working Sanitarian
 expand section9—  Counting the Countless:  The Temptations of Quantitative Bacteriology, 1880–90
 expand section10—  What's Bacteriology For?  Disenchantment and a New Realism, 1890–98
  Conclusion:  What Are Experts for?

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  Appendix:  Edward Frankland's Justification of Analytical Interpretations, 1868–76
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