Latin American Vanguards

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 expand sectionIntroduction—  Contentious Encounters in Life and Art
 collapse section1—  Constructing an Audience, Concrete and Illusory:  Manifestos for Performing and Performance Manifestos
 Palpable Public Display: Manifestations and Manifestos
 expand sectionEnacting Artistic Encounters: The Performance Manifesto
 expand section2—  Outward Turns of the Vagabond Eye/I:  The Vanguards' Portraits of the Artist
 expand section3—  "Surely from His Lips a Cockatoo Will Fly":  The Vanguards' Stories of the New World
 expand section4—  On the Interstices of Art and Life:  Theatrical Workouts in Critical Perception
 expand section5—  From Early Words to the Vernacular Inflection:  Vanguard Tales of Linguistic Encounter

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