The Languages of Psyche


 collapse sectionPart One  Theories of Mind and Body
 expand sectionOne  Introduction:  Toward a Natural History of Mind and Body
 Two  Barely Touching:  A Social Perspective on Mind and Body
 Three  Locke, Hume, and Modern Moral Theory:  A Legacy of Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century Philosophies of Mind

 collapse sectionPart Two  Mind and Body in Practice: Physiology, Literature, Medicine
 expand sectionFour  Thomas Willis and His Circle:  Brain and Mind in Seventeenth-Century Medicine
 FIVE  Running Out of Matter: The Body Exercised in Eighteenth-Century Fiction
 expand sectionSix  Of Masks and Mills:  The Enlightened Doctor and His Frightened Patient

 collapse sectionPart Three  The Politics of Mind and Body: Radical Practitioners and Revolutionary Doctors
 expand sectionSeven  States of Mind:  Enlightenment and Natural Philosophy
 Eight  The Marquis de Sade and the Discourses of Pain:  Literature and Medicine at the Revolution
 expand sectionNine  Mind and Body in the Clinic:  Philippe Pinel, Alexander Crichton, Dominique Esquirol, and the Birth of Psychiatry
 expand sectionAppendix: Biobibliographic Notes

 collapse sectionPart Four  The Jewish Question
 Ten  Medicine, Racism, Anti-Semitism:  A Dimension of Enlightenment Culture

  Suggestions for Further Reading
 expand sectionIndex

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