The Long Peace

 expand sectionNote on Transliteration and Dates
  Abbreviations and Terms

 expand section1  The Road to a Special Regime in Mount Lebanon
 expand section2  Ottoman Policy and Power Relations in Mount Lebanon, 1861–1892
 expand section3  Ottoman Policy and Power Relations in Mount Lebanon, 1892–1915
 expand section4  The Administrative Council
 expand section5  Taxation and Fiscal Administration
 expand section6  Judicial Organization as a Mechanism of Social Consolidation
 expand section7  Confessionalism, Notables, and Administrative Positions
 expand section8  The Government and the Church

 collapse sectionAppendix A  The Governors of Mount Lebanon, 1861–1918
 1.  Davud Pasha (1861–1868)
 2.  Franko Pasha (1868–1873)
 3.  Rüstem Pasha (1873–1883)
 4.  Vasa Pasha (1883–1892)
 5.  Naum Pasha (1892–1902)
 6.  Muzaffer Pasha (1902–1907)
 7.  Yusuf Pasha (1907–1912)
 8.  Ohannes Pasha (1912–1915)
 The Last Governors (1915–1918)
 expand sectionAppendix B  Ottoman Documents on Mount Lebanon, 1861–1918
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