High-Tech Europe


 expand sectionOne Introduction The Puzzle of European High-Tech Cooperation
 expand sectionTwo The Politics of International Cooperation
 expand sectionThree The Telematics Revolution
 expand sectionFour National Telematics Policies in Europe
 expand sectionFive Successes and Failures Collaboration in the 1970s
 expand sectionSix When Champions Aren't Enough
 collapse sectionSeven Esprit Opening the Door
 expand sectionCrisis-Induced Adaptation
 expand sectionThe Genesis of Esprit
 expand sectionEsprit in Action
 expand sectionSecondary Effects of Esprit
 expand sectionEight Race Making Connections
 expand sectionNine Eureka An Intergovernmental Counterpoint
 expand sectionTen Crisis and Collaboration

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