Preface and Acknowledgments

 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand section1—  The Historical and Geographic Background of Mobility
 collapse section2—  Nineteenth-Century Developments:  The Socioeconomic Context of Migration
 expand sectionForeign Interests and the Development of Mining
 collapse sectionThe Porfiriato:  Foreign Concessions and the Mining Economy, 1870–1900
 American Investments
 Foreign Antecedents of Baja Californios
 The Technological Development of Mining
 Progress of Transportation
 The Baja Mining Circuit and Peninsular Families
 The Development of the Frontera
 expand section3—  The Social, Geographic, and Temporal Basis of Network Formation
 expand section4—  Calmallí:  The Mining Circuit and Early Network Development, 1880–1910
 expand section5—  San Diego and Calexico:  The Frontera and Early Network Formalization
 expand section6—  San Diego–Lemon Grove:  Florescence, 1930–1950
  7—  Epilogue
  8—  Conclusion

 expand sectionAppendix:  Original Spanish Field Notes
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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