The Short, Swift Time of Gods on Earth


 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionPart 0—  Prelude, the Font Text
 expand sectionPart 1—  Genesis
 expand sectionPart 2—  The Flood
 expand sectionPart 3—  New Creation and Corn
 expand sectionPart 4—  The Whore
 expand sectionPart 5—  Origin of Wine and Irrigation
 expand sectionPart 6—  Morning Green Chief and the Witch
 expand sectionPart 7—  Feather Braided Chief and the Gambler
 expand sectionPart 8—  Siuuhu's Death and Resurrection
 expand sectionPart 9—  The Conquest until Buzzard
 collapse sectionPart 10—  The Conquest until Siwañ Wa'aki
 Story 20—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Mescal Painted Chief
 Story 21—  Interlude:  Water Plume and Himmult
 Story 22—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Hat Mountain Pause
 Story 23—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Casa Grande Ruin
 Story 24—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Yellow Soft Feather Plume
 Story 25—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Siivan I Vahki
 Story 26—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Downstream
 Story 27—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Ocotillo Foundation House
 Story 28—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Guadalupe and Pueblo Grande
 Story 29—  Interlude:  Arrows from the South
 Story 30—  Siuuhu's Revenge:  Sivern, his Box, and the Handsome Young Boy
 Supplement  Black Sinew Chief, his Basket, and Kokoñip (Thin Leather/Russell)
 Supplement  He Great Doctor's End (Thin Leather/Lloyd)
 expand sectionPart 11—  After the Conquest
  Conclusion—  Mythologies

  Appendix—  Correlation of Conquests in Thin Leather and Smith-Allison
 expand sectionNotes
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