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Part 11— After the Conquest
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Story 35—
Defeat at the Ocean People

They fought those [Turkey Old-man] people and destroyed them all. They moved to the west, and whenever they came to a group of people, they destroyed them easily. They reached and crossed the red river, Wik Akima.[k]

At that time there were some people living close to the ocean. They knew these [Wooshkum] people


were coming and that they were destroying everyone they came to. The people by the ocean worked to make them thirsty and to make them lose their way.

The Wooshkum got thirsty and sang:

Ahead of me lies mirage
Ahead of me the land
Is nothing but mirage.

They got out of the heat that these people sent out, but then they lost their way. They sang:

Ahead of me lies nothing
But fog.
Don't you see image
Ahead of me mountains
Are covered
With fog.

They went on and came out of the fog. Then they came to where these people were living, and they found that they were small people. They also found that their country was awfully cold. Snow fell all the time, and their houses were built into the ground. On top of them was nothing but snow.

They had a fight. The [ocean] people would come out from their houses, shoot at them, and go back in their houses. The Wooshkum couldn't do a thing to them because they were from a warm country and


could not stand the cold. The thunder tried but couldn't explode because it was too cold, and the chu dunk tried and couldn't do anything for the same reason.

The thunder sang:

I'm like the thunder
It hits
But it slips
To the other direction.

The chu dunk sang:

I am chudunk
I look like a chudunk
I am coming
From above.

After the Wooshkum couldn't do anything to these people, they held a meeting and decided not to bother them. If they kept on fighting, they might lose all their people, so they decided to turn back. They all came and turned their faces away from the [ocean people image] and sang:

The sun is going down.
I am now going back
On the road where I came from


I am holding my cane
Against my breast.

The sun is going down
And I am returning
On the road that I came from
I am now running
I am holding my cane on my breast.

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Part 11— After the Conquest
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