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Part 10— The Conquest until Siwañ Wa'aki
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Story 28—
Siuuhu's Revenge:
Guadalupe and Pueblo Grande

They made camp there and asked another medicine man to work for them. He had the power of the bluebird, Huh wut jut nam kum.[n]

The bluebird man found out that ahead of them lived a chief with many people, at a mound that is somewhere a little north of Yaqui Village (Guadalupe, Ariz.). (The medicine man sang two songs, but Juan has forgotten them.) The house at this mound was destroyed.

The bluebird man worked some more and looked in the same direction and saw that it was raining very hard at a spot just across the river from where the previous enemy man was (Guadalupe). This spot


was where Yellow Buzzard (Huam a nui)[o] used to live (Pueblo Grande).[12]

This man had made his house from solid rock, so it seemed impossible for the Wooshkam to hurt it. He had done this because he didn't want any of his people to run off and leave him. They must all stay in this house with this medicine man.

It wasn't really a stone house, but the leader made it look like solid rock.

The bluebird man fooled himself by saying that the house was made of rock, and he couldn't do anything with it, so they asked another man who had the power of thunder to see what he could do (Chu din nam kum). He sang:

It is a hard house
It is a hard house
It is a hard house
Do you see the foundation image
It is made out of rock.

Then he told the people that it [destruction image] would be easy for him, and he sang:

I saw that he is
Too light for me.


It is like a windbreak  (oksha, four walls, no roof,
     shelter for cooking)
Made out of these ocotillos.

It was true. The thunderman came down over the house and smashed it to pieces. When this happened, the earth quaked and it knocked down a house that was close to the city of Phoenix (La Ciudad image).[13]

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Part 10— The Conquest until Siwañ Wa'aki
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