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Part 10— The Conquest until Siwañ Wa'aki
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Story 23—
Siuuhu's Revenge:
Casa Grande Ruin

There were two [enemy] men living at the house that today is called Casa Grande Ruin, and they had wives. When they got up one morning, the men's and women's hair were tangled, and they had to break loose from each other.

When they [enemies image Wooshkam image][5] were ready to start [for home image on a journey image][6] at night, after a meeting, everybody breathed on their [individual image] breasts.

And they sing:

I am now going around
And the enemy are scared
They are leaving their quivers
And running away.

I am running
And my enemies are afraid of me
They are leaving their sons
And running away.

The people with their hair tangled were brothers. As they got ready [for the coming trouble], the oldest worked and created a big whale.[7] He put it in the direction that the Wooshkam were to come, for protection. When the Wooshkam came to where the whale was lying, it acted very dangerous. They


didn't come any further, but stopped right there. The younger brother also put one in their road. (The older brother's name was Han de mutch, Feather running. The younger's name was Vee ky mutch, Soft feather running.)[h]

When one of the Wooshkam medicine men found what these men were doing, he sang:

Running feather
You've made a whale,
Close to this whale
The wind is twisting.

Soft feather running
You've made a whale
On the back of this whale
The clouds are twisting.

When the songs ended, they sent some young men to these whales. They stuck a bunch of sticks in one whale's mouth and killed it.[8] The other whale they would kill by hanging.

The people who lived at the house at Casa Grande ruins came out of the house and went to a mountain called kok chut (curled up). The Wooshkam found them there and destroyed them. That is why the house [today's national monument] is not wrecked like the others: they did no fighting there.


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Part 10— The Conquest until Siwañ Wa'aki
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