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Part 8— Siuuhu's Death and Resurrection
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Story 12—
Siuuhu's Death and Resurrection

The medicine men thought that they understood more than Siuuhu, and the people were mad at him. They used an old word for madness, i-a-no-ty-kik ,[a] against him because they thought they knew more than he did.

They asked Siuuhu questions, "What is Jeoss image" and "Whose son is Jeoss image" (There are different Pima words for "son," one referring to [the son of a] father and one to [the son of a] mother—so "Who were


Jeoss's father and mother image") Siuuhu answered, "When you put the corn seed in the ground, nobody knows where it gets its life and how it comes out from the ground. Only Jeoss, and nobody else, knows this. That's why there is a rule that nobody can find out where Jeoss came from."

Siuuhu told the people that Jeoss was the father of the heavens and earth. Then the people said, "Why did you kill this corn baby image"[4] Siuuhu answered that it is Jeoss's duty to do his own will, whatever is right. Then the people asked, "Why do you make all of the weeds among the good things in our fields, weeds that are not good to eat image" Siuuhu answered that one reason why these weeds were made is because people had done a great wrong.

Then the people asked, "Why did you make the good fruit on the saguaro and make it into a strong drink which makes the people drunk and they make pleasure of it image" Siuuhu said, "The reason these things happen is because, when a man has a little son, who doesn't have any sense, who is about to fall in the fire, it is the father's duty to grab the son and drag him from the fire so he won't get hurt."

The people argued with Siuuhu for four days, asking him all these questions. Then they left him. They held meetings by themselves to plan how they would kill him. When he found out the thoughts of these people, Siuuhu said that one love had split into


two, meaning that one was a righteous and one was an unrighteous love.

The next morning some of the people went to where Siuuhu was. They said to him, "You have done something that is not right. You are the son of the earth and we are going to kill you." They struck him on the head and killed him.

The next morning Siuuhu was alive again, but his head was ruined. When night came, the people held another meeting and explained how things were and said they would kill him again. They went and came to Siuuhu again and struck him on the head and killed him. Then they took his bones apart and cut the flesh from them and threw it in different directions.

The next morning he was alive in his regular form. At night they had another meeting and said they would kill him again. This time they went and killed him and cut his form into smaller pieces which they threw a farther distance than before, and they ground his flesh into hamburger, cooked it, and mixed it with dirt so it looked like nothing. This was the third time they killed Siuuhu.

[But he came back to life again.] Then the people had meetings for four days and argued as to how they could kill Siuuhu and be rid of him. One of them spoke up and said, "I am going to kill that


man." The man who spoke was the one who had fixed the earth and the mountains and was the Buzzard (mnui ).[c] When the people heard this, they put their desire as one with this Buzzard and told him to go ahead and do it.

When night came, this man [Buzzard] went out and went straight upward into the air. There are four kinds of winds in the sky, which he went through, and finally he came to the sun. Then he sang:

I am climbing and
I am meeting
I am climbing
I am climbing.

He got some heat that was stronger than Siuuhu's life, and he also got a bow, and he came down. When he had gone down some distance, he saw the earth under him and sang this song:

I am going and
Below I could dimly see the earth.
In this earth the breath of Siuuhu
Is coming out blue.

At the end of the song he shot with his bow to the earth.

At that time, on the earth, Siuuhu felt his heart begin to get queer, and he went out and walked


about. Then Buzzard came a little closer to the earth, to where he could see mountains, and he sang:

I am going down and
Below me
There stands the mountains
Which are blue.
In them the mind of Siuuhu
Is going out blue.

At the end of the song he snapped his bow again. At this time Siuuhu's heart was getting hot, and he went to dip himself into some cool water. When he got in the water, he found that it was hot, too, and he came out. Buzzard came closer to the earth, and he sang:

I am going down,
And underneath me
Lies the earth which is grey.
And in that
The heart of Siuuhu
Is coming out blue.

At the end of the song he shot again. Siuuhu was looking for a cooler place, where there was water with ice in it. When he got there he found that it had turned to boiling water, and the worst was yet to come. As Siuuhu was looking for a land where there was nothing but ice, Buzzard came down, passed through those four kinds of wind, and sang:


I am going down
And underneath me stands the mountains
In those mountains the mind of Siuuhu
Is going out blue.

At the end of the song the Buzzard shot nothing but lightning and it hit this place where the ice was. When Siuuhu reached the place, he died right away. When the man [Buzzard] came to the place, he took Siuuhu and left him on dry ground. From that time, everything was open and the people could freely go ahead and do the wicked things that they wanted to do, such as drinking strong drinks and getting drunk. They were happy.

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