Listen to the Heron's Words

  Note on Transcription and Transliteration
  Note on Kinship Terms
 expand sectionPreface  Listening to Women in Rural North India

 expand section1  Introduction: Gender Representation and the Problem of Language and Resistance in India
 expand section2  Sexuality, Fertility, and Erotic Imagination in Rajasthani Women's Songs
 expand section3  On the Uses of Irony and Ambiguity: Shifting Perspectives on Patriliny and Women's Ties to Natal Kin
 expand section4  On the Uses of Subversion: Redefining Conjugality
 expand section5  Devotional Power or Dangerous Magic? The Jungli Rani's Case
 expand section6  Purdah Is As Purdah's Kept: A Storyteller's Story
 collapse section7  Conclusion: Some Reflections on Narrative Potency and the Politics of Women's Expressive Traditions
 The Poetics of Resistance and the Power of Words
 Changing Songs and Changing Worlds

 expand sectionAppendix  Rajasthani and Hindi Song Texts
 expand sectionGlossary of Hindi and Rajasthani Words
 expand sectionIndex

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