Contemporary Chicana Poetry


 expand sectionI—  Setting the Context:  Gender, Ethnicity, and Silence in Contemporary Chicana Poetry
 expand sectionII—  The Birthing of the Poetic "I" in Alma Villanueva's Mother, May I?  The Search for a Female Identity
 expand sectionIII—  The Chicana as Scribe:  Harmonizing Gender and Culture in Lorna Dee Cervantes' "Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway"
 expand sectionIV—  Prohibition and Sexuality in Lucha Corpi's Palabras De Mediodia / Noon Words
 expand sectionV—  The Dramatization of a Shifting Poetic Consciousness:  Bernice Zamora's Restless Serpents

  Appendix A—  Poems from Bloodroot by Alma Villanueva
  Appendix B—  Poems from Alma Villanueva's Irvine Collection
 expand sectionAppendix C— Mother, May I? By Alma Villanueva
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