Lives at Risk


  Introduction  Evolving Concepts of Disease and Medicine
  1—  Muhammad Ali and the Egyptians
 expand section2—  Response:  Establishment of the Egyptian School of Medicine
 expand section3—  Cholera:  The Epidemic of 1831 and Later Invasions
 expand section4—  The Plague Epidemic of 1835:  Background and Consequences
 collapse section5—  The International Quarantine Board
 The Maritime Quarantine System
 Profit Challenges Principle in the Age of Steam
 "The Cholera Conference:" and the Constantinople Agreements of 1866
 The British Takeover
 expand section6—  The Conquest of Smallpox:  Variolation and Vaccination
  7—  Women Health Officers
 expand section8—  Urban and Rural Health Programs:  Hospitals, Clinics, and Provincial Health Centers
 expand section9—  The Continuing Evolution of Concepts of Disease and Medicine

  Appendix 1—  A Public Health Establishment in Egypt, 1825–1850
 expand sectionAppendix 2—  Medical-Pharmaceutical Personnel in the Public Health  Service in Egypt under the Direction of the Sanitary  Administration Resident in Alexandria (1851)
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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