The Irish Ulysses

  A Note on Texts

  Chapter 1—  Incipit
 expand sectionChapter 2—  The Irish Architectonics of Ulysses:  Symbolic Structures from The Book of Invasions
 expand sectionChapter 3—  Irish Nationalism and Ulysses as Epic
 collapse sectionChapter 4—  Sovereignty Structures in Ulysses
 i. A Survey of the Irish Goddesses
 ii. Petticoat Government: Molly Bloom as Sovereignty
 iii. King and Goddess: Bloom, Unconquered Hero
 iv. Conclusion
 expand sectionChapter 5—  Genre Echoes From Early Irish Literature
 expand sectionChapter 6— Ulysses and the Irish Otherworld
 expand sectionChapter 7—  "The Broken Lights of Irish Myth":  Early Irish Literature in Irish Popular Culture
 expand sectionChapter 8—  Monographs and Scholarly Sources
  Chapter 9—  Finit

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