The Irish Ulysses

  A Note on Texts

  Chapter 1—  Incipit
 expand sectionChapter 2—  The Irish Architectonics of Ulysses:  Symbolic Structures from The Book of Invasions
 expand sectionChapter 3—  Irish Nationalism and Ulysses as Epic
 expand sectionChapter 4—  Sovereignty Structures in Ulysses
 expand sectionChapter 5—  Genre Echoes From Early Irish Literature
 expand sectionChapter 6— Ulysses and the Irish Otherworld
 expand sectionChapter 7—  "The Broken Lights of Irish Myth":  Early Irish Literature in Irish Popular Culture
 expand sectionChapter 8—  Monographs and Scholarly Sources
  Chapter 9—  Finit

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