A. Sutzkever

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 expand sectionBlond Dawn (1934–1937)
 expand sectionSiberia (1936)
 expand sectionFrom the Forest (1937–1939)
 expand sectionEpilogue to the Forest (1939–1940)
 expand sectionFaces in Swamps (June-July 1941)
 expand sectionWritten in Vilna Ghetto (1941–1943)
 expand sectionPartisan Forest (1943–1944)
 expand sectionClandestine City (1945–1947)—  (Episodes from the epic poem)
 expand sectionResurrection (1945–1947)
 expand sectionIn the Chariot of Fire (1947–1951)
 expand sectionElephants at Night (1950–1954)
 expand sectionBlind Milton (1954–1962)
 expand sectionSquare Letters and Miracles (1964–1967)
 expand sectionRipe Faces (1968–1970)
 expand sectionFrom Old and Young Manuscripts (1935–1981)
 expand sectionNew Poems (1987–1990)

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 expand sectionGreen Aquarium (1953–1974)
 expand sectionWhere the Stars Spend the Night (1975–1989)
 expand sectionPostscript (1990)

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