Historical Destiny and National Socialism in Heidegger's Being and Time


 collapse section1 Being and Time, Section 74
 A. «Anticipation of Death,» and «Resoluteness»
 B. «Erwidert» («Reciprocative Rejoinder»)
 C. «Repetition,» «Handing down,» and « Erwidert»
 D. «Erwidert» and «Widerruf» ( «Disavowal»)
 collapse section2 Being and Time, Sections 72-77
 A. On the Run
 B. Anschwellender Bocksgesang
 C. The Crisis
 collapse section3  Fate, Community, and Society
 A. Fate, Community, and Society
 B. Scheler in War
 C. Scheler's Formalism in Ethics
 D. Scheler on the Genesis and Future of Capitalism
 E. Heidegger's Being and Time , Section 74
 F. Scheler "im Weltalter des Ausgleichs"
 collapse section4 Being and Time and Leftist Concepts of History and Decision
 A. Lukács's History and Class Consciousness
 B. Tillich's The Socialist Decision
 collapse section5  Heidegger after the Machtergreifung
 A. Geschlecht, Gemächte, and Technology in Heidegger
 B. Heidegger's An Introduction to Metaphysics
 C. Heidegger in the USA
 collapse section6  Epilogue
 A. Keep Silent! Or, Heidegger's Machtergreifung
 B. Events under Trees and Stars

 collapse sectionNotes
 1Being and Time, Section 74
 2Being and Time, Sections 72-77
 3 Fate, Community, and Society
 4Being and Time and Leftist Concepts of History and Decision
 5 Heidegger after the Machtergreifung
 6 Epilogue
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