The Quiet Revolution


 expand section1—  Academic Chemistry in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany
 expand section2—  Growing Up and Limbering Up
 expand section3—  A Journeyman Chemist
 expand section4—  Gerhardt and Wurtz
 expand section5—  Early Years in Marburg
 expand section6—  Confronting the Reform Movement
 expand section7—  Kekulé, Wurtz, and the Rise of Structure Theory
 expand section8—  Carbonic Acid and Natural Types
 expand section9—  The Great Break
 expand section10—  The Theory of Chemical Structure and the Structure of Chemical Theory
 expand section11—  Leipzig
 expand section12—  Aromatic Chemistry
 expand section13—  Life and Work in Leipzig
 expand section14—  Pride and Prejudice
  Issues and Reflections

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  Abbreviations for Frequently Cited Sources
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 I—  German Vocabulary
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