The Waning of the Communist State


 expand sectionOne  The Quiet Revolution from Within: Economic Reform as a Source of Political Decline

 collapse sectionPart One  The Process of Political Decline
 expand sectionTwo  Property Rights and Political Power: The Cumulative Process of Political Change in Hungary
 expand sectionThree  The Second Economy as a Subversive Force: The Erosion of Party Power in Hungary

 collapse sectionPart Two  The Eclipse of the Center
 expand sectionFour  The Rise of the Regions: Fiscal Reform and the Decline of Central State Capacity in China
 expand sectionFive  Losing the Political Initiative: The Impact of Financial Liberalization in Hungary

 collapse sectionPart Three  Remaking Local Political Networks
 expand sectionSix  Bureaucratic Patronage and Private Business: Changing Networks of Power in Urban China
 expand sectionSeven  Political Hierarchy and Private Entrepreneurship in a Chinese Neighborhood

 collapse sectionPart Four  Power and Identity in Communities
 expand sectionEight  Everyday Power Relations: Changes in a North China Village
 expand sectionNine  Economy and Ethnicity: The Revitalization of a Muslim Minority in Southeastern China

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