St. Teresa of Avila

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 collapse section1  The Genres of the Book of Her Life
 Readings of the Life as Judicial Confession
 Teresa's Development as a Writer of Christian Autobiography
 expand section2  Teresa's Feminist Figural Readings of Scripture
 expand section3  Teresa's Representation of "Old Life" Life 1-10
 expand section4  Teresa's Analogies for Her Mystical Experience  Life 11-22, Interior Castle
 expand section5  Teresa's Representation of her "New Life"  Life 32-36, Foundations
  6  The Role of Teresa's Books in the Canonization Proceedings
  7  Epilogue  Psychoanalytic Interpretations of Teresa's Mystical Experience

  Appendix A Censure by Brother Eomingo BáñEz  [on the manuscript of the Life ]
  Appendix B Judgment , Attributed to Pedro IibáñEz
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