The Promise of the Land

  The Taubman Professorship and Lectures

 expand section1—  The Patriarchal Stories in the Light of Greek Foundation Stories
 expand section2—  The Pattern of Israelite Settlement:  A Comparison with the Pattern of Greek Colonization
 expand section3—  The Borders of the Promised Land:  Two Views
 expand section4—  Expulsion, Dispossession, and Extermination of the Pre-Israelite Population in the Biblical Sources
 expand section5—  The Conquest of the Land of Canaan:  Reality and Ideology
 collapse section6—  The Conquest and Settlement According to the Different Accounts
 1—  The Conquest under the Leadership of the House of Judah (Judges 1:1–2:5)
 2—  The Conquest of Hebron and Debir (verses 9–15)
 3—  Arad and Hormah (verses 16–17)
 4—  The Conquest of Gaza, Ashkelon, and Ekron (verses 18–19)
 5—  Caleb Expels the Three Anakites (verse 20)
 6—  The Benjaminites and the Jebusites Who Dwelt at Jerusalem (verse 21)
 7—  The House of Joseph and Its Conquests (verses 22–26)
 8—  Joshua 2–11:  The Conquest under the Leadership of the House of Joseph
 9—  The Last Editor of the Conquest Stories
  7—  Two Introductions to the Period of Judges
 expand section8—  The Inheritance of the Land:  Privilege versus Obligation
 expand section9—  The Covenantal Aspect of the Promise of the Land to Israel

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