The Promise of the Land

  The Taubman Professorship and Lectures

 expand section1—  The Patriarchal Stories in the Light of Greek Foundation Stories
 expand section2—  The Pattern of Israelite Settlement:  A Comparison with the Pattern of Greek Colonization
 expand section3—  The Borders of the Promised Land:  Two Views
 expand section4—  Expulsion, Dispossession, and Extermination of the Pre-Israelite Population in the Biblical Sources
 expand section5—  The Conquest of the Land of Canaan:  Reality and Ideology
 expand section6—  The Conquest and Settlement According to the Different Accounts
  7—  Two Introductions to the Period of Judges
 expand section8—  The Inheritance of the Land:  Privilege versus Obligation
 expand section9—  The Covenantal Aspect of the Promise of the Land to Israel

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