Latin America in the 1940s


 expand section1  War and Postwar Intersections  Latin America and the United States
 expand section2  The Latin American Economies in the 1940s
 expand section3  Labor Politics and Regime Change  Internal Trajectories versus External Influences
 expand section4  ECLA and the Formation of Latin American Economic Doctrine
 expand section5  International Crises and Popular Movements in Latin America  Chile and Peru from the Great Depression to the Cold War
 collapse section6  The Populist Gamble of Getúlio Vargas in 1945  Political and Ideological Transitions in Brazil
 Facing Brazil's Future: Getúlio Vargas and His Opponents
 Luis Carlos Prestes, Queremismo, and the Fall of Vargas
 "Getúlio Says": The Newfound Power of the People
 expand section7  Peace in the World and Democracy at Home  The Chilean Women's Movement in the 1940s
 expand section8  Why Not Corporatism?  Redemocratization and Regime Formation in Uruguay
 expand section9  Internal and External Convergence  The Collapse of Argentine Grain Farming
 expand section10  The Origins of the Green Revolution in Mexico  Continuity or Change?
 expand section11  Labor Control and the Postwar Growth Model in Latin America

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