Japan Under Construction

  Note on Conventions

 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionOne  Construction Contractors and the Calculus of Collusion
 expand sectionTwo  Public Works Bureaucrats Under Siege
 expand sectionThree  The Career Politician and the Phantom Party's Invisible Feet
 expand sectionFour  Factioneers, Tribalists, and the LDP's Construction Caucus
 collapse sectionConclusion  Change and Inertia in the Politics of Japanese Public Works
 Foreign Pressure and Domestic Change
 The Imperiled Domestic Interests
 Growth with Clientelism
 Another Japanese Export?
 How Institutions Matter
 Wrecking Ball or Face-Lift?
 Implications for Reform

  Appendix A  Chronology of Trade Friction and Scandal in Japanese Construction, 1985–1994
  Appendix B  Administrative Vice-Ministers of Construction, 1948–1994
  Appendix C  Construction Ministers, 1955–1994
  Appendix D  Positional Influence and the Pork Barrel:  A Multivariate Regression Model
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