Passions of the Tongue

  Note on Transliteration
 collapse sectionPreface
 “Between Homes, Between Languages”

 collapse section1. Introduction
 Language and Devotion
 Language, Colonialism, and Modernity
 Language and Gender
 collapse section2. One Language, Many Imaginings
 collapse sectionReligiously Tamil: The Language Divine
 The Polarization of Tamil and Sanskrit
 Being Religious, The Tamil Way
 collapse sectionCivilizing Tamil: The Language Classical
 The Tyranny of Civilization
 The Contest with Sanskrit
 Opposing Orientalism
 Tamil and the Nostalgia for Civilization
 collapse sectionLanguage and the Nation: Indianizing Tamil
 Indianism and Divine Tamil
 Indianism and Classical Tamil
 Indianism and the “Mother Tongue”
 Indianism and Hindi
 The Congress and Indianized Tamil
 collapse sectionLanguage of the Nation: Dravidianizing Tamil
 Dravidianism and India
 Dravidianism and Hinduism
 Dravidianism and the Tamil Family
 The DMK and Dravidianized Tamil
 Dravidianism and its Discontents
 The Many Faces of Tamil
 collapse section3. Feminizing Language
 The Poetics and Politics of Praise
 collapse sectionTamil as Deity: Pietistics of Tamil Devotion
 collapse sectionTamiḻtteyvam: Portrait of a Goddess
 “You were there, even before the mighty Himalayas emerged, and Kumari Nadu submerged!”
 “There is no one like you! This is indeed the truth”
 “She encircles the resounding world”
 “You are sovereign of the fine Tamil world”
 “You are knowledge itself”
 “She is the goddess who commands the gods who guard us”
 “The supreme one who has no beginning and no end, ardently desires you”
 “I am your devotee; you are my refuge”
 Profiling the Pious Devotee
 The Ideology of Pious Devotion
 collapse sectionTamil as Mother: Somatics of Tamil Devotion
 Tamiḻttāy: Portrait of a Mother
 The Violated Body of Tamiḻttāy
 The Fertile Womb of Tamiḻttāy
 The Nourishing Milk of Tamiḻttāy
 The pitiful Tears of Tamiḻttāy
 Profiling the Filial Devotee
 The Ideology of Somatic Devotion
 Tamil as Maiden: Erotics of Tamil Devotion
 On the Feminization of Language
 Visualizing Tamiḻttāy
 collapse section4. Laboring for Language
 Worshipping with Tamil: Language and Liturgy
 Cleansing Tamil: Language and Purity
 “What’s in a Name?”: Rechristening Madras State
 Enthronement of Tamil: Dilemmas of Rule
 Battling the Demoness Hindi
 collapse section5. To Die For
 The Woman Devotee
 The Missionary Devotee
 The Brahman Devotee
 The Poet Devotee
 The Scholar Devotee
 The Devotee as Publicist
 The Devotee as Patron
 The Warrior Devotee
 The Devotee as Martyr
 The Anti Devotee
 collapse section6. Conclusion


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