The Power of Collective Purse Strings


 collapse sectionChapter One—  The Importance of Financial Institutions in the Political Economy
 collapse sectionThe Role of Financial Institutions in the Corporate Community
 Lending Relations
 Institutional Stockholding
 Interlocking Directorates
 Financial Institutions and the State
 The Role of Finance Capital in the State
 collapse sectionFinance Capital and the Social Construction of Crisis
 Corporate Crisis
 State Crisis
 The Process of Bank Hegemony
 Organization of the Book
 collapse sectionChapter Two—  W. T. Grant:  The Social Construction of Bankruptcy
 Managerial Decisions and Financial Difficulties
 W. T. Grant's Lending Relations with Banks
 Chapter XI and Beyond:  The Struggle Continues
 collapse sectionChapter Three—  Chrysler Corporation:  Bailing Out the Banks
 Setting the Stage:  Managerial Decision Making, the Economy, and the Banks
 The Loan Agreement
 collapse sectionConditions of the Loan Agreement:  The Struggle
 The Banks
 The United Auto Workers
 State and Local Governments, Dealers, and Suppliers
 collapse sectionAssessing the Losses
 The Banks
 collapse sectionChapter Four—  Leasco Corporation Versus Chemical Bank:  The Political Crisis
 The Struggle
 collapse sectionChapter Five—  The Default of Cleveland:  Constructing Municipal Reality
 The Storm Clouds Build
 The Banks, CEI, and MUNY
 The Struggle Continues
 collapse sectionChapter Six—  Mexico's Foreign Debt Crisis:  Bank Hegemony, Crisis, and the State
 Setting the Stage
 Riding the Debt Spiral
 The Struggle Intensifies
 The Scorecard
 Disciplining the International Banking Community
 Bailing Out the Banks
 collapse sectionClass and Intraclass Conflict
 The State Versus Labor and the Poor
 Banks Versus Labor and the Poor
 collapse sectionChapter Seven—  The Social Construction of Economic and Political Reality
 Bank Hegemony
 The Social Construction of Economic Crisis
 Interlocking Directorates: Sources of Power or Traces of Power?
 The Social Construction of Political Reality and the Relative Autonomy of the State

  Appendix 1—  Using Government and Legal Documents
  Appendix 2—  Sample Outline of Court Documents for W. T. Grant Company
  Appendix 3—  Sample Interview Questionnaire for W. T. Grant Company
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