Seducing the French


  Chapter 1  Anti-Americanism and National Identity
  Chapter 2  The New American Hegemony  The French and the Cold War
  Chapter 3  Yankee Go Home  The Left, Coca-Cola, and the Cold War
  Chapter 4  The Missionaries of the Marshall Plan
  Chapter 5  The American Temptation  The Coming of Consumer Society
  Chapter 6  The Gaullist Exorcism  Anti-Americanism Encore
  Chapter 7  The American Challenge  Dollars and Multinationals
  Chapter 8  Détente  Debating America in the 1960s
  Chapter 9  Vive l'Amérique  An Epilogue from 1970 to Euro Disneyland
  Chapter 10  Reflections  The French Face Americanization

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