The Collected Essays of Robert Creeley


 collapse sectionI—  HEROES/ELDERS
 Introduction to Penguin Selected Whitman
 Hart Crane and the Private Judgment
 The Letters of Hart Crane
 A Note on Ezra Pound
 Why Pound!?!
 collapse sectionThe Release
 William Carlos Williams: Selected Essays
 A Character for Love
 The Fact
 Foreword to The Manuscripts and Letters of William Carlos Williams
  "paradise/our/speech . . ."
 Louis Zukofsky: All:  The Collected Short Poems, 1923–1958
 A Note
 All Ears Hear Here
 For L.Z.
 A Personal Note
 A Note on Basil Bunting
 Basil Bunting
 H. D.

 collapse sectionII—  THE COMPANY
 collapse sectionIntroduction to The New Writing in the USA
 Charles Olson: Y & X
 Charles Olson: In Cold Hell, in Thicket
 Preface to Mayan Letters
 Charles Olson: The Maximus Poems, 1–10
 Olson & Others:  Some Orts for the Sports
 collapse sectionSome Notes on Olson's Maximus
 Introduction to Charles Olson: Selected Writings I
 collapse sectionIntroduction to Charles Olson: Selected Writings II
 "A Foot Is to Kick With"
 "An Image of Man . . .":  Working Notes on Charles Olson's Concept of Person
 Charles Olson's Masterwork
 "A Light, a Glory, a Fair Luminous Cloud"
 "To Disclose That Vision Particular to Dreams"
 Preface to Robert Duncan:  A Descriptive Bibliography
 "An Intensely Singular Art"
 Edward Dorn in the News
 Edward Dorn's Geography
 Preface to Selected Poems
 The New World
 For Michael
 Preface to Against the Silences
 "How Is It Far If You Think It?"

 collapse sectionIII—  THE WRITING LIFE
 Kenneth Patchen: Fables & Other Little Tales
 A Note on Canadian Poetry
 Canadian Poetry 1954
 D. H. Lawrence: Studies in Classic American Literature
 Witter Bynner: Journey with Genius
 Louis-Ferdinand Céline: Guignol's Band & John Hawkes: The Goose on the Grave
 collapse section"By God, Pomeroy, You Here!"
 A Note on Francis Parkman
 Waiting for Godot
 collapse sectionRamón Sender:  Two Novels
 collapse sectionOn Love
 The Journals of Jean Cocteau
 Kenneth Rexroth: In Defense of the Earth
 Edward Dahlberg: The Sorrows of Priapus
 Evergreen Review , Nos. 1 and 2
 "To Build Castles in Spain"
 "Her Service Is Perfect Freedom"
 A New Testament
 Ways of Looking
 The Fascinating Bore
 Preface to Sticks and Stones
 "Think What's Got Away . . ."
 The Beat Voznesensky
 Judson Crews
 A Note for Thread and Fielding Dawson
 A Note for Kenneth Irby
 Frederick Eckman: The Epistemology of Loss
 A Note for These Poems . . .
 Rainer Gerhardt:  A Note
 Introduction to Thongs
 Introduction to Krazy Kat/The Unveiling & Other Stories
 For Diane
 Foreword to The Sterile Honeycomb
 Gee Gerry G . . .
 A Note for Hilda Morley: A Blessing outside Us
 Foreword to Sojourner Microcosms
 Introduction to The Manner Music
 Preface to Nolo Contendere
 Preface to The Blind Receptionist and Other Poems
 Foreword to Running Grass:  Poems 1970–1977
 Xmas As in Merry
 Poetry of Commitment
 First Prize
 Cowboys and Indians
 Ted Berrigan's Death
 William Corbett:  Two Books
 No Matter What:  A Note for Collected Poems
 An Afterword to Splendide-Hôtel
 The Gentle on the Mind Number
 With Crusoe, on Familiar Shores
 Kenneth Koch's Selected Poems, 1950–1982
 Gone Fishing
 From the Language Poets
 A True Poet
 Preface to The Leafless American
 Foreword to The Collected Poems of Marsden Hartley
 Foreword to Trumpets from the Islands of Their Eviction

 collapse sectionIV—  ARTISTS
 On the Road:  Notes on Artists & Poets, 1950–1965
 Divers Sentiments
 René Laubiès:  An Introduction
 A Note on Franz Kline
 Philip Guston:  A Note
 Harry Callahan:  A Note
 A Note
 Feedback:  "Contemporary Voices in the Arts"
 John Chamberlain
 Frank Stella:  A Way to Go
 "Mehr Licht . . ."
 Ecce Homo
 collapse sectionThree Films
 1— Western History , Stan Brakhage
 2— Domicile , Gary Doberman
 3— Short Films 1975 , Stan Brakhage
 Bill the King
 "Some Place Enormously Moveable":  The Collaboration of Arakawa and Madeline H. Gins
 Introduction to Larry Bell:  New Work
 Memories of John
 My New Mexico
 collapse sectionJim Dine/Five Themes
 Face It
 Seeing Things:  Preface to Scopophilia
 Foreword to The Poet Exposed

 A Note on the Objective
 collapse sectionNotes for a New Prose
 How to Write a Novel
 To Define
 A Dilemma
 A Note
 A Note on the Local
 A Quick Graph
 "Statement" for the Paterson Society
 Why Bother?
 A Sense of Measure
 "Poems Are a Complex"
 A Statement about the Poem "The Name"
 Notes Apropos "Free Verse"
 "I'm given to write poems"
 The Black Mountain Review
 The Writer's Situation
 collapse sectionWriting
 II—  Contexts of Poetry[fn*]II—  Contexts of Poetry
 A Postscript
 On the New Cultural Conservatism
 The Creative
 collapse sectionInside Out
 Notes on the Autobiographical Mode
 Foreword to Robert Creeley:  An Inventory, 1945–1970
 collapse sectionLast Night
 Random Thoughts on San Francisco, March–June 1956
 Was That a Real Poem or Did You Just Make It up Yourself?
 A Note for Hello
 Letter from Berlin
 Berlin, Etc.

 collapse sectionINDEX

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