The Limits of Realism


 collapse section1—  Introduction:  Writing about Others
 Poiesis:  The Generation of the Literary Experience
 Catharsis:  The Efficacy of Literary Communication
 collapse section2—  "A Literature of Blood and Tears":  May Fourth Theories of Literary Realism
 Realism and the Promise of Cultural Transformation
 The Search for New Literary Origins
 The Search for a New Audience
 collapse section3—  Lu Xun, Ye Shaojun, and the Moral Impediments to Realism
 Lu Xun:  The Violence of Observation
 Ye Shaojun:  Pity, Sincerity, and the Divisive Power of Narrative
 collapse section4—  Mao Dun, Zhang Tianyi, and the Social Impediments to Realism
 Mao Dun:  Politics of the Detail
 Zhang Tianyi:  Fiction as Social Performance
  5—  Beyond Realism:  The Eruption of the Crowd

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