The Spirit of Freedom

 expand sectionIntroduction

 expand sectionNeville Alexander:  No Need for the God Hypothesis
 expand sectionRay Alexander:  Ultimately a Trade Unionist
 expand sectionFranz Auerbach:  A Jewish Humanist
 expand sectionCheryl Carolus:  Struggle Not Politics
 expand sectionFrank Chikane:  Spirituality and Struggle
 expand sectionSheena Duncan:  Surprised by Joy
 expand sectionEla Gandhi:  Part of a Tradition of Struggle
 expand sectionNadine Gordimer:  A Vocation to Write
 expand sectionChris Hani:  Almost a Priest
 expand sectionTrevor Huddleston:  Makhalipile—The Dauntless One
 expand sectionNelson Mandela:  Liberation Not Power
 expand sectionGovan Mbeki:  Promoting the Human Project
 expand sectionFatima Meer:  A Muslim and a Woman
 expand sectionStanley Mogoba:  Committed to Peace
 expand sectionRuth Mompati:  A Mother and a Daughter of Africa
 expand sectionItumeleng Mosala:  A Black Theologian
 expand sectionBeyers Naudé:  An Afrikaner of Afrikaners
 expand sectionEbrahim Rasool:|  Bridging the Two Worlds of Islam
 expand sectionAlbertina Sisulu:  A Woman of the Soil
 expand sectionJoe Slovo:  A Believing Unbeliever
 expand sectionDesmond Tutu:  Obedience to God

 expand sectionAfterword:  The Future Is Now

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