Paying the Price of Freedom


 expand sectionChapter One  Major Events and Everyday Life
 collapse sectionChapter Two  From Rural to Urban Life
 Parishes and Haciendas: Geography and Statistics
 expand sectionProduction Units and Labor Relations
 Accumulation on the Haciendas
 Mobility and Accumulation
 Family Relations
 Maroons, Bandits, and Militiamen: Darker Links between Countryside and City
 Patterns of Manumission in Lima's Hinterland
 expand sectionChapter Three  In the City
 expand sectionChapter Four  Matrimonial Alliances and Conflicts
 expand sectionChapter Five  Slaves and Their Owners
  Conclusion  Lima's Slaves and Slavery

 expand sectionNotes
  Abbreviations Used in Notes and Bibliography
 expand sectionIndex

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