Landscapes of Resistance

  Preface and Acknowledgments

 collapse section1—  Straub/Huillet and the Cinema Tradition and Avant-garde
 Straub/Huillet's Authorship
 Straub/Huillet and Cinematic Tradition
 Straub/Huillet and Political Modernism
 expand section2—  Straub/Huillet, the New Left, and Germany
  3—  Traces of a Life: Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach
 expand section4—  Formal and Political Radicalism in the Short Films of the 1960s
 expand section5—  Time and Memory in Postwar Germany: Not Reconciled
 expand section6— History Lessons and Brecht's The Business Affairs of Mr. Julius Caesar
 expand section7—  Musical Modernism and The Schoenberg Films
  8—  The Power to Narrate: Class Relations and Kafka's Amerika
 expand section9—  Language in Exile Hölderlin's The Death of Empedocles
 expand section10—  Film as "Translation"
  11— Antigone
  12—  Real History and the Nonexistent Spectator—  Brecht, Adorno, and Straub/Huillet

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  Selected Bibliography
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