Playing with Power in Movies, Television, and Video Games


 expand section1—  Foreplay and Other Preliminaries
 collapse section2—  Saturday Morning Television:  Endless Consumption and Transmedia Intertextuality in Muppets, Raisins, and the Lasagna Zone
 Transmedia Intertextuality and the Child
 Saturday CBS Fun
 Appropriating Mother's Milk
 Eating Fellini
 An Intertextual Reading of Three Empirical Studies
 "The Green Ranger": The Anxiety of Obsolescence
 "The Lasagna Zone":  The Anxiety of Endless Consumption
 Watching and Playing
 expand section3—  The Nintendo Entertainment System:  Game Boys, Super Brothers, and Wizards
 expand section4—  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  The Supersystem and the Video Game Movie Genre
 expand section5—  Postplay in Global Networks:  An Afterword

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